Self-Stick Insulation Hangers

Self-Stick Insulation Hangers are designed to attach insulation to clean, dry, smooth, non-porous surfaces. After the hanger is installed, the insulation is impaled over the spindle & secured with a self-locking washer


Galvanized Low carbon steel, Aluminum or stainless steel.


Pin: galvanized coating or cooper plated
base: galvanized coating

Self-locking Washer

Available in all kinds of sizes, shapes and materials


Base: 2″×2″
Pin: 12GA( 2.7mm)


1″ 1-5/8″ 1-1/2″ 2″ 2-1/2″ 3-1/2″ 4-1/2″ 5-1/2″ 6-1/2″ 8″ etc
Accept customization for other lengths

More Details

  1. Standard Lengths are listed above
  2. Other lengths available as Special Order
  3. Packaging: 1,000 pcs/ctn up to 2-1/2″
  4. 500 pcs/ctn up to 8″
  5. Hangers are available packed with, or without washers
  6. 100 pc packaging also available
  7. Other diameters available as Special Order

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